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“Cultural heritage is the silent witness to our centuries’ long history, creativity and struggles. It is one of the pillars of European culture and our common legacy for the future generations.” Cultural heritage, both tangible and intangible, is at the core of the contemporary reflection of EU institutions and archaeological sites are tangible heritage of the past civilizations are, the silent witnesses of a common cultural background that is still part of our life.



The aim of HERITART is the promotion of the European cultural heritage through the transmission of a new vision on archaeological sites, intended as a true asset for the cultural development of Europe.

HERITART project will deliver a new model of artistic performance through two Festivals with national and international co-productions, with a multi disciplinary format that will see the use of video mapping and light design for the set-up and the communication. HERITART partners will work together in Laboratories, Workshop and Artistic Residences to produce the project’s results, which will be:

  • A database with the best practices of the artistic management in archaeological sites

  • 2 national artistic productions and 2 international co-productions that will be performed in two festivals’ editions.

  • 4 training workshops whose results will be at disposal of public and stakeholders

  • An international Network to continue sharing know-how, disseminate project’s results and promote HERITART’s idea of Cultural Heritage as an asset.

HERITART project will become an international referent of excellent artistic management of archaeological sites, providing expertise and know-how to stakeholders and a new vision on Cultural Heritage to the public.


Project Coordinator

I BORGHI S.r.l. (Italy)

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